Deepika Padukone and Online Gaming

Deepika Padukone

Are you familiar with Deepika Padukone? If you’re not, let’s discover about Deepika Padukone with online gaming.

All About Deepika Padukone | Online Gaming

The Indian actress, Deepika Padukone has risen to fame with works in the Film Industry. She is now among Indian actresses with the highest income and her laurels from the Film Fare are three.

Peedika is the daughter of an ex badminton player before stepping into Bollywood. She has also been on the tennis court for a friendly match with ace tennis player Roger Federer which amazed people. Deepika Padukone got married to India’s top actor Ranveer Singh in 2018 and you might wonder if that position is what gathers fans around to celebrate her in every little thing.

Padukone and the Famous CRED

In the middle of Christmas Eve late last year, the company CRED announced the partnership they were having with Deepika Padukone. CRED is a fintech company in India that is based in Bangalore. It was founded by Kunal Shah in 2018, ironically the same year Deepika Padukone got married.

CRED is a reward-based credit app. It also lets users make house rent payments and provides short-time credit lines. Kunal Shah describes his company as more of a Trusttech instead of a fintech because of his motivation which came from the urge of helping India’s economy at large with the products in his CRED app.

The partnership between CRED and Deepika Padukone through CRED’s Cheer days was set to stir up jolly moods and jubilation to the festive season as she took the role of the favorite Santa Claus with a new avatar. She was to bring forth a range of exclusive fun games, rewards and offers.

The Cheer Days organized by the CRED team was a campaign to finance and reward responsible financial habits that were in line with the company’s attributes, mission, vision, and values. Peedika was to let the cat out of the bag to reward the CRED members who will play and win a jackpot in their application. This was a form of legal online gaming in India.

Moreover, exciting activities were added to the app to bring out festivities. These activities included Easter eggs and social media puzzles. The offers were to be unlocked using CRED coins which are garnered when a member pays credit card bills on time. Cred offers different products such as Cred Rent pay, Cred Travel store, Cred Store, Cred Cash, and Cred Pay.

As part of the campaign, Deepika hosted giving away jackpots through daily activities that invited members to stand a chance of winning gifts which included a section of the actor’s closet and bitcoins and cashbacks.

CRED does what it does best by making it easier for users to manage numerous credit cards by making the process favorable, effortless, and absolute. 

CRED’s marketing strategy includes contests and incentive programs such as the one with Deepika Padukone. In 2021, it launched the Mega Jackpot contest which allowed its users to participate and win jackpots. This marketing strategy released prices like gold, new iPhones, free flights for five years, a complete home makeover, and bitcoin. Near Christmas, it featured Deepika Padukone in the Cheer Days Campaign endorsement.

CRED and Online Gaming Platforms

The online gaming platforms involve virtual poker, casinos, and sports betting. Promotion of online gaming sites by lead artists and actors and actresses is seen to bring forth fruits to these existing sites that are legal to encourage healthy playing as per the government statement.

Most of these promotions catalyzed like CRED are seen during the festivities and bring a lot of merry because everyone wants to have a piece of the jackpots and gifts being given out. CRED is among these platforms that have plans for growth and vast establishment in many locations. It is mainly focused on two things: capturing clients and building a brand. Just like other platforms, customer service is essential in their growth thus more focus is put on how customers can interact with the sites for online gaming.

Furthermore, CRED Pay is where the dealer makes an increment on the sizes of the tickets by allowing a series of credit payments which as a result bring forth wind on both sides from the dealer and the consumer and they connect through the platform to have an amazing experience. The two main reasons why the growth of credit card spending has increased are because of the increase of cardholders and increased dependence on online shopping during the lockdown in 2021.

Irrespectively, social good campaigns also drive the marketing strategies of online gaming sites and companies through ads and social media engagement with citizens. A campaign from CRED to launch an initiative of planting five hundred thousand trees enabled users to donate the number of trees whereby they achieved eighty-seven percent of their desired goal.

Why Hobigames is the Place for Online Gaming?

Online Gaming

Hobigames is a platform that lets you learn all about games that can make you earn. They have blogs that give you insights on what is expected of you and upcoming promotions in the games. 

Strategies are also provided to make you know how to play games and the policies they have. This is an example of a platform that is legal and offers exclusive options and fun with jackpots. It is among the best mobile gaming apps that take care of and value customers’ welfare and their clients.

They offer the latest popular games and high-quality Indian Table games that make customers come back to what they offer thereby gaining trust among members. MS Dhoni who is the best Indian captain of all time can be said to be the face of Hobigames. His input drives individuals to at least try out Hobigames and plays responsibly when they learn so much about the games offered there.

Through Deepika Padukone we can see how influential faces and engagement with individuals who are known can help mobile applications that want to offer quality and safe ways of transacting money and playing online games. Online gaming sites should be safe sites for individuals to engage and compete against themselves for a common good.

Legality is safe. Try it!